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 * trakyaflour
Trakya Flour Industry and Trade Co. was founded by the late Edip A?ao?ullar? and Kemal Dönerta?. The partnership began in 1925 with the Yeni ?maret Flour Mill and grew with the acquisition of the Dönerta? Flour Mill –formerly the F?nd?kl?yan Mill- on the River Tundja bank in 1936. The company expanded into sunflower oil in 1950 by founding the Saraçhane Oil Plant. The modern technology Trakya Flour Mill was opened in due course, where the oil plant continued its activities after moving from Saraçhane.

The Petrol Ofisi dealership obtained in 1967 enabled the company to expand into the fuel station business.
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 * Dehydrated Red and White Onion Products
Greetings from Fusion Dehy foods & Spices..
Pleased to introduce our company and our products to you. Our companyspecializes in manufacturing and exporting Dehydrated all vegetables and Spices in different forms like Flakes, Granules, owder etc. and exportingthroughout globe. ...
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 * Dehydrated White onion
We offer Dehydrated onion products in various forms like kibbled/flakes, Minced, chopped, granules and powder. Our quality of products are manufactured in hygiene conditions. Panchvati foods is counted among the names of top ten dehydrated onion manufacturer from India. Our best quality dried onion is exported to Germany, Poland, Egypt, Netherlands, Russia, United kingdom, Middle East, Sweden, Spain, France, Japan and to the rest of the countries in the world.
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Gamsan Food Production Company Ltd has been producing high quality foods since 1960’s to today and is now operating all biggest markets and companies in Turkey. Gamsan is serving to its customers at a total 3600 m2 of covered space in production facility. The company developes production range and grows up day to day in the sector. Production quality certified by HACCP & ISO 9001.

Our company exported our goods around the world like England, Greece, Belgium and Arabic countries like Dubai and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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