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 * Air Inflatable Rubber Dam
Air inflatable rubber dam, a long tubular-shaped fabric, is a novel hydraulic building presented by the development of macromolecular synthetic material industry. It consists of high strength canvas as the reinforced framework and synthetic rubber, is fixed to a reinforced concrete foundation using clamping plates and anchor bolts.
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 * high cooling performance heat conductive silicone sheet
Adhesive Backed Heat Resistant High Temperature Silicone Rubber Sheet ...
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 * Motion control components and system solutions
Macroway is dedicated to provide the Motion control components and system solutions for Global market, Through the cooperation with excellent partners based on continuous customers centric innovation. We have established the advantages of procedures processing in servo motion control field .
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 * tourmaline nano powder
Our company is specialized in developing tourmaline products and producing environmental and functional tourmaline nano powder in China. The raw material is purchased from Xinjiang, China and imported from Brazil, Madagascar and Tanzania. We select the best tourmaline, and the tourmaline’s quality decides different uses and industries. ...
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